Need for Speed Unbound Speed Race 4K Gameplay

Ready to see this practice Mercedes 190 E in motion? If not now then when! The most in-depth have a look at Need for Speed Unbound gameplay is right here with a primary have a look at Speed Race occasions together with Meetups and Side Bets. See you on the streets.

Start on the backside and race to the highest in Need for Speed Unbound, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 2, 2022.

Race towards time, outsmart the cops, and tackle weekly qualifiers to achieve The Grand, Lakeshore’s final road racing problem. Pack your storage with precision-tuned, customized rides and lightweight up the streets along with your type, unique matches, and a vibrant world soundtrack that bumps in each nook of the world.

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  1. What nfs devs dont seem to understand is that cities dont make for good race tracks. Having 90 degeee turns everywhere doesend make for a fun experience but thats all weve had since 2015.

    The reason UG2, Most Wanted and Carbon worked is because the street layout doesent resemble a city at all.

  2. The driving effects are less annoying than I thought, but the game seems like an NFS Heat 2.0. I can't believe that after 3 years the only thing EA has to add to the series is a bunch of driving illustrations.

  3. The game itself looks awesome, accept the effects they introduced. May sell well to " milenials " .. but any of us whom are traditionalists of the series .. nope wont buy it. Not to mention the pricing with things going into a resession … HARD PASS.

  4. Not so much of a upgrade as previous entry to be honest. Was hoping for much improved car handling & overall gameplay. Think the NFSU2 would play much better if remade with 2022 tech.

  5. Man just give us a new "Need for Speed Most Wanted", Jesus Christ nobody is asking for these we want a new Most Wanted… Get your sh** together plz and fire whoever to get it done… Team Microsoft Series X

  6. I hope the races will be less scripted, in Heat when i did a race more than 10 times i was seeing the patterns of the AI and it was immersion breaking

  7. Честно выглядет как "асфальт 8", если в прошлой части были такие проблемы с оптимизацией, то эта часть только на топовом железе потянет, и уже не какая 1070 не спасёт, минимум для комфорта 3080…

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