MTG gamers to face main problem with ONE Limited Draft meta at Phyrixia Pro Tour

Competitive tabletop Magic: The Gathering is returning this weekend by means of the Phyrexia Pro Tour in Philidelphia, showcasing six rounds of Phyrexia: All Will Be One Limited Draft.

For the primary time since 2020, Magic gamers will compete in tabletop Draft on the Pro Tour this weekend. Unlike drafts that happen on MTG Arena, opponents will face off towards the identical gamers of their Draft pod. The Phyrexia Pro Tour options six rounds of ONE Limited Draft gameplay, three rounds on day one and one other three rounds on the second day. 

A complete of 16 Swiss rounds within the Traditional best-of-three format are scheduled to happen throughout days one and two on the first MTG Pro Tour of 2023. Six of these rounds will likely be performed within the ONE Limited Draft format whereas the rest will likely be within the Pioneer Constructed format. Players who attain 12 match wins on day two routinely advance to the highest eight playoffs on day three. 

An undefeated win streak throughout the LImited Draft rounds will basically earn a participant a slot within the prime eight and doubtlessly a direct invite to the Magic World Championship this 12 months. But a heavy loss streak, together with common scores throughout the Pioneer Swiss rounds, may maintain a participant from reaching the playoffs.

The Phyrexia Pro Tour Limited Draft meta

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A majority of the MTG gamers on the Pro Tour are used to enjoying tabletop Draft and have been getting ready with their groups all week. It’s the ONE Draft meta that is perhaps a problem. Packed with bombs, like Praetors from different Standard-legal MTG units, and Uncommon playing cards like Venerated Rotpriest, Rare and/or Mythic Rare picks usually tend to pull gamers into particular MTG shade archetypes. 

The ONE Draft archetypes themselves are additionally barely lopsided, with a majority of gamers favoring Red and Green, making it essentially the most contested archetype in a majority of MTG Arena Drafts. The different greatest Draft archetype from the All Will Be One set is Red and White. Both archetypes are aggressive and filled with strong Common and Uncommon playing cards, making it tough for different archetypes to succeed. 

Both Blue/Red and Black/Blue have struggled within the ONE Draft meta since they’re slower-paced builds that require time to arrange, with Black and Blue having a slight edge over Blue and Red. Control decks are tough to run in a Limited Draft format, particularly when the top-performing archetypes are Aggro and video games seldom run lengthy.

Midrange builds are additionally struggling. Blue and Green seemed promising however the lack of excellent playing cards inside the shade Blue has harm the archetype. The similar might be stated for White and Blue, though the archetype has carried out higher over the previous week.

Black and Green additionally initially seemed sturdy and will discover a option to overcome the opposite aggressive archetypes on the Phyrexia Pro Tour, together with Green and White. 

Fans can watch the Phyrexia: All Will Be One Limited Draft meta on the highest stage of competitors unfold this weekend on the Pro Tour in Philidelphia.

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