Mike Flanagan And Trevor Macy See House Of Usher As Their Perfect Exit From Netflix

With Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy departing Netflix and heading to Amazon to helm their new tasks, they nonetheless have another left within the chamber for Netflix audiences, an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of The House of Usher. In the previous 4 years, the duo, with their Intrepid Pictures, have ushered (pun meant) a brand new wave of horror classics, beginning with The Haunting of Hill House.

With The Midnight Club canceled after one season, and Flanagan spoiling what may have been for Season 2, the filmmakers talked to Deadline about how they really feel House of Usher is the right method to make their exit and say goodbye to the worlds they created for Netflix.

“I think it’s safe to say that a lot has changed in the industry and Netflix in the four years since we started our deal,” Flanagan mentioned. “So, as this year started and we knew we were coming up to the end of it, we thought it would be very prudent to stick our heads out, look around and see what else may be there for us. Given how much change everything’s gone through in the last few years, we were feeling like there might be a better fit for us, and we’re very much feeling like Amazon is that.”

The pair talked about how disenchanted and saddened they had been in regards to the cancelation of The Midnight Club, not seeing it as a counter-strike to their transition to Amazon, as an indication of how the corporate had modified through the years. They nonetheless suppose with the yet-to-be-released House of Usher sequence will likely be handled pretty, although.

“We’re as thrilled as we could possibly be with how that turned out. We’ve just locked picture on all episodes, so we’ve been living with them a lot lately,” mentioned Macy. “And in a lot of ways, I think it’s one of our shows that could connect with the biggest audience. I love it for that reason but it also feels different than anything else on TV, and I’m proud of it for that reason. We’re very optimistic about it. And Netflix says they are too, so we’re counting on them to do right by it.”

Netflix’s The Fall of The House of Usher hits the streaming platform someday subsequent yr.

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