Mighty DOOM – Official Announcement Trailer

Mighty DOOM is an adorably violent top-down, single-touch motion shooter introducing the all-new Mini Slayer, set within the animated DOOM universe. Run and gun your approach by way of hordes of adorably violent demons, iconic ranges, and difficult bosses as you degree up, unlock highly effective abilities, and improve gear and weapons.


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  1. So top down contra style with the art and music of doom,I'm locked in
    I wasn't around in those times but as a kid I got to enjoy all those classic games after the fact,so I enjoy playing anything that reminds me of how great my dad's era had it

  2. Oh cool, an M rated series coming out with a cute animated version. This reminds me of all the R rated movies and such in the 80s that would get toy lines.
    ……and it’s a phone game….F this.

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