Metroid Prime Remastered vs Original Graphics Comparison

In this video we check out the variations between the unique Metroid Prime on Nintendo GameDice and the newly launched Remaster.
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Nintendo stunned dropped Metroid Prime Remastered throughout February’s Nintendo Direct. Nintendo and Retro Studios traditional Metroid title is now out there on Nintendo Switch and it seems to have undergone a little bit of an improve.

In this video we examine the unique Metroid Prime and the remaster. In this video, we’ll take your by means of the opening space of Metroid Prime and try particular sections. Metroid Prime initially launched in North America on the Nintendo GameDice again in 2002 and it was met with overwhelming reward. GameSpot even awarded Metroid Prime with its coveted Game of the Year award.

Metroid Prime Remastered is accessible proper now digitally on the Nintendo Switch for $39.99 and a bodily launch is ready for later this month.


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  1. What's interesting is that this justifies as a full price release more than other "remasters" by nintendo as of lately, yeah looking at you skyward sword. Not saying that they should've, just surprised they didn't tbh

  2. While a trilogy release would've been nice, they did do a good job with this visually, closer to a remake than a remaster

    Just shows how well the gamecube version holds up, wonder how long after this 2 and 3 will come out

  3. This looks like a great remaster with all the work they've done with the graphics. And it even have new control options. Finally Nintendo wasn't lazy. This is almost like the Crisis Core remaster quality.

  4. Here goes another 50 or so hours of my life. I lovvee Samus and all her other worldly exploration/hunting 🥹 can't wait to leave my family social life behind….again. this looks better than I remembered it 🤩

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