‘Metal Gear Solid 4’ only came to PS3 as Kojima “wasn’t ready” to port it

According to an ex-Konami worker, Hideo Kojima didn’t port Metal Gear Solid 4 to every other consoles outdoors of its PS3 launch, not due to an exclusivity deal, however as a result of he didn’t need to.

This revelation comes from final 12 months’s The Ultimate History Of Video Games, Volume 2 by Steven L. Kent. The guide has quotes from former Konami assistant producer Ryan Payton, who talked about long-running rumours of a Metal Gear Solid exclusivity deal at PlayStation (from ResetEra by way of The Gamer).

“The prevailing belief around the industry was that Sony must have secured an exclusive deal for the game. It wasn’t true,” defined Payton. “Had Kojima chosen to port the game to Xbox 360, his bosses would surely have approved the decision, but he wasn’t ready to make the jump.”

This displays quotes from Kojima in 2013, who stated on the time that the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection wouldn’t come to Xbox 360 due to the disc storage measurement (by way of Eurogamer).

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Credit: Konami

“The amount of data in Metal Gear Solid 4 is just too enormous,” stated Kojima. “I want to put it out, but we won’t be releasing it. When it’s the next [Xbox] console, maybe we can release it. If we released a version on the Xbox 360 without Metal Gear Solid 4, then it’s not The Legacy Collection.”

The fourth entry within the franchise was only ever launched on the PS3, though it might be performed on PS4 by way of PS Now till not too long ago.

On prime of that, Konami introduced final 12 months that it was “temporarily” pulling Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 from all storefronts due to licensing points round in-game historic footage. Both video games are nonetheless lacking from storefronts as of the publication of this story.

In different information, a Marvel Games govt has revealed that it went to each Xbox and PlayStation over offers for licensed superhero video games, with Xbox turning them down.

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