Mass Effect 5 Teaser Shows Mysterious Piece of Concept Art on N7 Day – IGN Daily Fix

On at present’s IGN The Daily Fix:For N7 Day, BioWare has teased the subsequent Mass Effect recreation with a chunk of idea artwork that seems to be of a mass relay being constructed or rebuilt. A video of the idea artwork that barely strikes was launched on Twitter alongside a brief message from BioWare. In a brand new advert in regards to the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller’s options, Final Fantasy XVI was briefly proven with a disclaimer on the backside seemingly confirming how lengthy the title will probably be an unique PlayStation 5 recreation.

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  1. ''Cerberus isn't just an organization or the people behind it. Cerberus is an idea; that idea is not so easily destroyed.'' The relay is building by cerberus backed company it's my theory and council is furious about it and humans some how will be the cause new problems or awakens new enemies and geth faced it first hand and maybe the conversation we hear in the trailer happened before geths tried to investigate what's humans doing with their new project

  2. Really hope they take their time on this game and make something amazing like mass effect 2. Andromeda was so long ago so there’s really not a rush for this game…

  3. Time relays. Where instead of relays shooting you to different parts of the galaxy. Time relays shoot you through time. It’s how we save commander Shepard and return him to the franchise.

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