Marvel's Midnight Suns: Spider-Man Gameplay

Spider-Man joins the group on this gameplay clip from Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the brand new ways recreation from XCOM and Civilization builders Firaxis Games.

Midnight Suns is a hybrid deckbuilding and ways recreation starring your favourite heroes from the Marvel Universe together with Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Blade, and even members of the Midnight Suns together with Nico and Magik. Spider-Man additionally joins the crew after enjoying his intro mission and brings crowd management and help instruments to your group in his battle with Fallen Venom.

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  1. Everyone in the comments is acting like a whiny baby. Videos can be turn based, they don't always have to play like Spiderman ps4. If you don't like it, move on lmao. There are a ton of cool third person games out right now and more to come real soon

  2. Mark my words… this game is gonna FLOP!!! There putting WAYYYYy tooo many superhero games out they need to start making new I.P’s like glen schofield we need more devs in the industry like HIM!!!

  3. Bunch of whiny children in the comments that think the only type of game is 3rd person action and fps games… Sometimes a little thought in a game is fun.
    Y'all should try opening your minds. Not every thing that existed before 2008 is bad.

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