Mario is now in ‘Garry’s Mod’ with his entire ‘Super Mario 64’ move set

A brand new Garry’s Mod add-on has introduced Mario’s iconic strikes from Super Mario 64 to the title, and keen followers can get the plumber in the PC recreation now.

Called G64, the add-on does extra than simply put a Mario pores and skin on the participant character, it introduces the entire Super Mario 64 move set into the sport as effectively, letting gamers lengthy bounce, dive, wall bounce and wing cap (by way of PC Gamer).

You can see the mod in motion beneath:


“It’s here! G64 is now released to the public,” wrote ckosmic. “This Garry’s Mod add-on allows you to spawn a playable Mario 64 in your favourite maps. Link to installation instructions below.”

Shared by ckosmic, gamers can get Mario into Garry’s Mod by way of a GitHub obtain. Some set up directions must be adopted, because it isn’t fairly so simple as simply including a Steam Workshop add-on for the mod itself.

On high of the G64 obtain, potential gamers want to put in a binary module and legally get hold of a Super Mario 64 ROM, particularly the US model. Once the mod is in the Steam Apps Garry’s Mod folder, gamers must open the sport in 64-bit mode and go to Utilities, the place you discover the mod.

Mario’s inclusion at the moment has a number of bugs because it’s in the pre-release model, with gamers urged to report any and all bugs and crashes as they occur to allow them to be ironed out later.

In different information, Player First Games has stated it could be keen to prioritise fighters followers are “really excited” for because it brings in new characters.

“If the community is really asking for a certain feature, or they’re really excited about a certain potential character, we could potentially swap things around in prioritisation or we could make adjustments,” stated studio co-founder Chris White.

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