Looking Forward: 3 New Games We're Excited For in 2023 – IGN Daily Fix

In at this time’s Daily Fix, we’ll reveal IGN’s prime three most-anticipated video games of 2023. The first half of the yr is totally PACKED with large video games arriving each month. Even if some are delayed (which is solely doable) 2023 is trying to be stuffed with thrilling video games. These are the three IGN is most excited for.

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  1. @4:00 – Since the mention of FFXVI, I'm intrigued by Lies of P: An action-RPG, with a story set in a version of Pinocchio (including a main character w/ Edward Scissor-hands-like gadgetry). Also keeping tabs on Black Myth: Wukong, Starfield and Where Winds Meet. 😎👍

  2. My top anticipated games are:

    hogwarts legacy

    marvel spider man 2

    Final fantasy XVI

    suicide squad kill the justice league

    alan wake 2

    atomic heart

    lies of p

    stellar blade

    and maybea pragmata they have a realese date for 2023

  3. Has anyone else noticed that the 'XBOX has no games' people never post comments on videos where they feature XBOX exclusives, but instead post on every other IGN video? They appear to be quite selective of what IGN videos they watch. 😂

  4. Because it's not really Final Fantasy. There's no one left from the main Final Fantasy team after 12. They even rejected working with Sakaguchi again for a small side quest or DLC for 15. The tone, spirit, and colors of Final Fantasy are completely drained from it. It's an emo western action game.

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