Long-standing Poppy bug leaves League gamers calling for modifications

Poppy mains have been asking Riot Games to repair one main bug in League of Legends—however to no avail.

A participant posted an indication of the Poppy bug on League’s subreddit on Dec. 19. Poppy’s final, Keeper’s Verdict, ought to have a knock-up of at the very least one second, however the participant proved when it’s not charged, it lasts for round 0.65 seconds.

In the clip, the participant used the power on just a few champions, showcasing they have been solely knocked up for between 0.6 and 0.7 seconds. The participant additionally pointed to the Patch 12.8 notes from April 27, which declare to have elevated the length of the CC from 0.75 seconds to 1 second.

Despite this bug seemingly being within the recreation since April, Riot has but to repair the difficulty.

The participant added that it takes precisely one second for Poppy’s Q to detonate to deal the second a part of the harm. As a results of this, it’s nearly unattainable to tug off an ideal Poppy combo in solo skirmishes.

The participant apparently reported this difficulty to Riot a complete of 4 occasions, however they nonetheless haven’t obtained a response.

On prime of that, gamers have chimed in on the dialogue within the feedback, stating a variety of different Poppy bugs. One of them claims the hitbox on her Keeper’s Verdict is “inconsistent,” and the bugs make it unfun to play the champion.

Poppy hasn’t obtained any modifications since Patch 12.16, which nerfed her Hammer Shock (Q). It stays to be seen when Riot will deal with the bug and repair the champion.

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