LoL Patch 13.4’s XP nerfs have closely impacted the jungle meta—for higher or worse

Ever for the reason that begin of the brand new League of Legends season, Riot Games has been pushing out consecutive patches loaded with each system, champion, and merchandise modifications. The devs’ complete philosophy and method have fully modified from season 12 after seeing a stale aggressive and extremely bot-centric meta going into 2023.  

After bringing main updates to ADCs and the fighter class, in addition to pushing interact helps again into the meta, Riot is attempting to nerf the facility of early-game junglers within the newest Patch 13.4. By nerfing the expertise champions can get in the course of the early ranges, the steadiness workforce is hoping to cut back the potential snowball from these champions.

Now that gamers have had a number of days to check out the brand new modifications, how is the jungle meta shaping up in League Patch 13.4? While it’s nonetheless powerful to foretell precisely what’s going to occur, we’re already beginning to see new patterns developing. 

Here is our in-depth evaluation of the League Patch 13.4 jungle meta.

A bigger number of junglers 

While there are stronger and extra optimum picks at totally different ranges and Elo, the overall pattern appears to be higher variety within the jungle pool. 

If we take a deeper take a look at the numbers, there’s a well-spread variety of junglers having a good decide charge. At Platinum Elo and above, there’s a whole of 23 distinctive champions above a 4 p.c decide charge, based on League stats website U.GG.

Ban charges even have stabilized in comparison with the earlier patch. Elise, who used to have astonishing ban charges on the Challenger Elo in Patch 13.3, is now dropping closely in precedence. Despite the nerfs to Elise’s injury, she nonetheless stays a robust decide, however she’s not the No. 1 jungler anymore.

You can play any kind of champion 

The bigger variety within the jungle pool is just not solely associated to the variety of champions but in addition to the totally different courses of junglers. 

Aside from the same old robust early-game fighters, we’re beginning to see AP champions like Ekko and Evelynn having higher success and better win charges, based on U.GG, in addition to low-economy tanks like Rammus, Zac, or Sejuani. 

Image through Riot Games

This offers much more house for creativity and the potential of seeing totally different drafts and workforce compositions. There isn’t a small group of greatest junglers anymore, however a bigger group of champions that rewards victories primarily based on well-executed video games.

In Patch 13.3, probably the most optimum technique was to choose an early-game jungler and spam gank lanes to affect them and snowball. But now, junglers should steadiness their farm and their time spent ganking. That mentioned, the expertise nerfs on kills are extraordinarily impactful, which might probably result in one other difficulty for the position.

Junglers will probably be underleveled 

Junglers in Patch 13.4 are going to be much more underleveled in comparison with up to now. 

Given the decreased quantity of expertise from each kills and jungle camps, junglers will now discover themselves at all times behind in degree in comparison with solo laners, which is one thing that didn’t occur as typically earlier than. 

Unless you’re in a position to get an unbelievable variety of kills, it will likely be nearly unimaginable to be on par along with your solo laners. Remember that ranges (that are earned with expertise) enhance the champion’s stats, in addition to their talents’ injury.

This can partially clarify why low-economy junglers are slowly returning to recognition: since they don’t want as many sources or expertise to be impactful, they will funnel the gold or kills towards different teammates. It additionally proves why snowballing junglers are struggling to be as oppressive as they was.

There are champions standing out from the remaining

Despite the elevated variety, there are some champions which can be performing higher than others in Patch 13.4, primarily on account of some elements which can be exterior of the jungle system modifications and unrelated to the expertise nerfs.

Jarvan IV Worlds 2021
Image through Riot Games

Vi and Jarvan IV, for instance, are performing properly with constructive win charges in Patch 13.4, based on U.GG, due to the Black Cleaver buffs from the earlier patch. The merchandise presents higher worth for its value, making them two of the most effective skirmishing champions of the patch. In an identical vogue, Wukong is one other bruiser champion with a superb win charge and a stable decide charge (7.8 p.c).

Among the low-economy champions, Rammus is the one performing higher. Actually, he’s the jungler with the very best win charge within the present patch, sitting at 52.13 p.c, based on U.GG

When it involves magic injury junglers, Fiddlesticks and Evelynn are the 2 standouts, adopted by Nunu and Zac. 

Unfortunately, it’s nonetheless a bot-centric meta

Even if we’re seeing a great deal of champions being performed within the jungle, which is what Riot supposed with the expertise nerfs and the therapeutic buffs on monster kills, the jungle meta nonetheless closely revolves across the bot lane. 

Now that the position is tougher to snowball, it’s way more worthwhile to offer sources to the carries of the groups. Considering that drakes are nonetheless too highly effective, it’s solely logical to see junglers hovering completely across the bot lane. 

Image through Riot Games

This implies that whoever can affect the lane extra and permit their ADC to take the kills and gold will enhance their possibilities of victory. If we check out the most effective junglers of the patch, you may as well see that all of them have nice gank potential with their kits.

Despite the balancing modifications towards the jungle meta, Riot will nonetheless have to determine a strategy to make the bot lane much less impactful. 


We’ve had main makes an attempt at shifting the meta within the earlier patches, and it seems like Patch 13.4 is not any totally different. Riot’s applied modifications are inflicting some shifts within the jungle as properly, giving house for extra champions to function successfully. 

What’s extra necessary is which you could play totally different courses of junglers and be comparatively profitable. That mentioned, junglers will probably be dominating much less in solo queue since their snowball potential has been decreased. The expertise nerfs imply that they are going to be underleveled in comparison with different members of the workforce, probably reducing their carry potential. 

While that is an total wholesome change within the sport, there’s nonetheless one massive difficulty that Riot has to repair that closely influences the state of the jungle: the bot-centric meta. As lengthy as dragons are going to be crucial impartial aims, we gained’t be seeing a significant meta shift. 

Luckily for us, Riot is properly conscious of the problems across the jungle and is trying to tweak varied issues within the upcoming Patch 13.5.

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