LoL gamers are already dubbing Aurelion Sol rework a ‘complete failure’

The celestial dragon that’s as previous as time itself has, after 4 years of not tasting a single buff, gotten a makeover from Riot Games. Aurelion Sol’s rework went reside yesterday, and League of Legends gamers have so much to say concerning the modifications.

League gamers have already shared their opinions on League’s subreddit that Aurelion Sol’s rework is likely to be a whole failure. In a publish, gamers outlined how the champion’s playstyle has basically stayed the identical however now has infinite scaling and entry to gadgets that make him tankier—specifically Crown of the Shattered Queen.

“He fundamentally suffers from the same play pattern that made him problematic, except his kit is now loaded with infinite scaling and high AP scalings, and he has access to items that make him tanker than previous iterations,” one participant stated.

In brief, Aurelion Sol nonetheless appears to be like to wave clear as quickly as potential after which head to both the bot or the highest aspect of the map to gank the overextended enemy.

Other gamers suppose the champion is just not a failure in any respect, however simply overtuned, making it close to unimaginable to lose a teamfight when you have Aurelion Sol in your aspect due to his robust scaling numbers and extremely easy-to-hit spells which have a big hitbox.

Although some could disagree, others nonetheless name it successful because the rework drastically elevated the champion’s play fee stats along with his choose fee leaping from 0.5 % to virtually 20 % in Patch 13.3, in accordance with League stats web site U.GG. 

It’s nonetheless tough to evaluate the general state of Aurelion Sol because it’s solely been a single day because the launch of the rework, however the champion does appear to be overtuned and in line for a hotfix nerf or two.

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