Like a Dragon Ishin! Remake Review – The Final Verdict

Ultimately, Ishin is a good sport to carry us over till Like A Dragon 8, which continues the mainline story, finally releases. It retains just about all the things that made the unique sport a fan favourite amongst those that did play it, whereas additionally well modernizing what was essential with a lightweight and deft contact.

It’s arduous to think about any fan of the saga who will come away from this launch sad. If you wished extra Yakuza, you might have it. If you have been beginning to get fatigued, however weren’t utterly off the practice, then this sport is simply recent sufficient to re-engage you, and simply acquainted sufficient to scratch the itch.


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  1. No such thing as a yakuza fatigue for me, yakuza is everything I'm looking for a video game, relaxing settings, chaos, violent, slice of life elements, cheesy side quest etc. The combat is easy but hard to master. Kiryu and Majima are great characters, I wish Rgg continue to cast them as actors for more spin offs if they can no longer come up with a mainline story for them. I'm glad this game is finally here.

  2. Yakuza is one of those franchises where you get a lot of game for your money with all the side activities and sub stories. This one was Japan exclusive for a while so I jumped at the chance to finally check it out and actually understand what was happening. I love RGG studios and can’t wait for this along with whatever comes next. Big fan of these titles.

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