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GTA 6’s launch date is a methods out, and new video games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023.
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We would possibly lastly have some understanding of when to anticipate Grand Theft Auto 6, and if you happen to thought it was going to hit across the ten 12 months anniversary of GTA 5 this September, assume once more.

According to respected GTA leaker Tez2, the lengthy awaited recreation is aiming for a vacation 2024 launch. However, they declare that the objective for releasing the sport has been shifted a number of occasions in the previous few years, and that it wouldn’t be a shock if the sport had been to be delayed additional into 2025.

Tez2 additionally speculates that content material supposed for the principle recreation could possibly be reduce for DLC down the road with the intention to get the sport out earlier. If this had been to occur, it could be an enormous departure from Rockstar’s rollout of GTA 5, which noticed and continues to see further content material being added to its on-line multiplayer, however noticed zero new single participant content material after releasing practically 10 years in the past.

According to the outlet Insider Gaming, this info is inline with what it has heard, with each it and Tez2 believing that it’s extremely seemingly Rockstart will present the official first info concerning the venture earlier than the top of the 12 months.

Insider Gaming goes on to say its sources share that a part of the explanation for such a protracted wait has to do with the truth that GTA 6 will solely launch on present {hardware} IE PS5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles. In order to be the large hit that guardian firm Take Two is in search of, it needs to verify the set up base for these programs is able to accommodate tens of hundreds of thousands of models.

For some context, GTA 5 launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 literal months earlier than the discharge of PS4 and Xbox One, that means the set up base for each these consoles was just about set in stone. GTA 5 would then go on to rerelease on the then subsequent gen {hardware} a 12 months later. Since then, it has develop into the second finest promoting recreation of all time behind Minecraft.

In distinction, the sequence’ prior entry, GTA 4, which launched early within the PS3 and Xbox 360 lifecycle, moved round a seventh of the models GTA 5 did and continues to do. In truth, it bought even lower than its predecessor, GTA San Andreas, which launched on the PS2 and authentic Xbox on the tail finish of their lifecycles.

In brief, Take Two is seeking to finally have GTA 6 be extra of a GTA 5 than a GTA 4 when it comes to gross sales, and if there’s extra {hardware} in shoppers’ fingers on the time of launch, that’s a better process to perform.

Of course, what might throw a wrench within the works relating to the gross sales of GTA 6 is that if it had been to launch on Xbox Game Pass, however let’s be trustworthy, the one probability there may be of that occuring is that if Microsoft had been to purchase Rockstar, which they’ll’t do… can they?

Some video games which might be coming to Xbox Game Pass this month converse to all kinds of gamers. Into combating video games? The well-liked Guilty Gear Strive is offered in the present day by the service.


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  1. Time moves fast and two years isn’t long. There’s plenty of other games to play until then. Especially If they add the same level of detail as RDR2. Imagine being able to break into and rob random homes like you can with cabins in RDR2.

  2. Curious how today's "wokeness" will effect a modern GTA. I dont care about GTA enough to look past the possibility that RS would remove story for DLC, I just ain't going to support that.

  3. I'm fine with GTA6 taking more time. it'll give them time to work on the Shark Cards so we'll have lots more payment opportunities for the online component, that way no one has to play the actual game.

  4. After the way Rockstar f'd us on single player content for GTA 5 and RDR 2, and the way they let the trilogy get butchered, I really don't care when GTA 6 comes out. I'm sure it'll be cool, but it'll also probably be built around Shark Cards. I am curious how pc they'll make it, though?

  5. I just realized that GTA 6 won't come out until I'm a senior in high school or after. I hope it comes out Summer '25 at the latest cause I can grind the game for a few months.

  6. 'leaker' He's a data miner and apart from that hes a fan just like the rest of us, its literally a speculated guess but of course youve had to twist that to milk a good title right?

  7. I'd be surprised if they release it at all. They'll milk GTA Online for every last penny they can before even bothering with another single-player game

  8. Rockstar died years ago. What we will get will be a dead horse that's still being beat. Rockstar no longer knows how to make original games just like the rest of the AAA developers. Don't get me wrong it'll look pretty and have GTA flavor but it'll be lacking the spark that made GTA great. JUST LIKE GTA 5.

  9. i dont know why people makes such a big deal on the release date i always guessed its going to come out in 2025-2026. Just look at Rockstar's release date patterns don't know why people assumed it was coming out like this year or next

  10. I would be 31 when it comes out and I was 19 GTA5 released, and I was 13 turning 14 when GTA4 came out. GTA7 I would be literally be almost reaching half my lifespan when that comes out.

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