Karrigan claims 2 Danish CS:GO teams have a monopoly over the country’s talent

FaZe Clan’s CS:GO captain karrigan has been away from the Danish scene since he was changed by gla1ve in Astralis in October 2016. The veteran went on to construct worldwide teams for FaZe Clan and MOUZ after that, and it doesn’t appear like he needs to return and play together with his fellow countrymen.

This is as a result of Heroic and Astralis, the larger organizations investing in Danish Counter-Strike, have leverage over different teams, which reduces the pool of gamers if you happen to’re considering of assembling a Danish undertaking, based on karrigan.

“I think that if you are making a team in Denmark like Heroic and Astralis, you have to do a lot to keep your players because the players will be picked up by the big Danish organizations,” karrigan stated in an interview with Blix right now. “And I think that’s been my concern for the last five, six years, right? That’s why I stayed with an international team to be able to take individual players from other regions.”

Although karrigan loved success with FaZe and MOUZ in earlier years, 2022 was the finest 12 months of his CS:GO profession. He led FaZe to win IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne, and most notably PGL Antwerp Major, and ended the fable that worldwide teams weren’t able to successful a Valve-sponsored event.

Aside from karrigan, there are different notable Danish gamers at present taking part in overseas. The former Heroic rifler refrezh joined the German group Sprout after he was benched by Heroic in June 2022 and is taking part in with Victor Staehr, who’s one in all the biggest Danish abilities at the second. They most notably certified for IEM Rio Major collectively.

“People are seeing that an international team can also do really good damage, as we had a really good year as an international team,” karrigan stated.

One factor is for certain, although, with how unhealthy Astralis’ 12 months was, the group will definitely attempt to poach a Danish professional taking part in elsewhere to help dev1ce subsequent 12 months in the mission of taking them again to the prime.

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