Jankos explains what went fallacious for Fnatic in disastrous 2023 LEC Winter Season

Fnatic had an terrible begin to the 2023 LEC season, with the workforce failing to make it previous the primary single round-robin to the group stage. On his Feb. 7 stream, Team Heretics’ Jankos defined what went fallacious for the workforce.

The Polish jungler underlined he’s seeing issues just like his former workforce G2 Esports when the squad had too many sturdy personalities in 2021. He added that Fnatic don’t wish to play the meta, and the way in which they’re taking part in by means of their mid laner Humanoid simply isn’t working but.

“I’m not sure if it’s personality issues but… I saw similar problems in G2 in 2021. I think that they don’t really have like a lot of ideas on how to like play games,” Jankos stated. “They need to like find two people or like one person to play around on.”

After proposing this resolution, Jankos acknowledged Fnatic are already taking part in round their mid laner—not less than from his perspective. He added it’s straightforward to place blame on Humanoid and Razork consequently. “If I had to blame Fnatic players from outside perspective, you’d probably blame jungle-mid mostly, and support maybe,” he stated. “There is more to it than just that.”

He additionally outlined different Fnatic points, together with champion choose. In his eyes, Rekkles isn’t taking part in AD carries which can be highly effective within the present meta and Wunder is “forced” into taking part in carry champions.

Jankos defined that final 12 months, when Fnatic had Upset, they used to “live by Upset, die by Upset.” The Pole clarified that Fnatic performed strongly by means of the bot lane however didn’t have another sport plan.

He believes it’s tremendous to mess around mid and jungle, like Fnatic have been doing, however they should follow extra. Thankfully, they’ll have till the Spring Season to get again as much as scratch with the meta.

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