‘I’ve acquired proof:’ TimTheTatman is offered on legendary Warzone 2 ‘skill-based hit registration’

In addition to skill-based matchmaking, which has kind of been confirmed in Warzone 2, followers have suspected the battle royale title additionally has a ‘shadow feature’ they’ve began calling skill-based hit registration.

Essentially, it refers to the concept it turns into more durable for gamers to hit enemies with bullets in the event that they’ve racked up a number of wins in fast succession, to handicap them.

It’s a type of issues individuals say to make excuses for themselves when tilting. That might need been the case with TimTheTatman throughout his YouTube stream on Jan. 17, however he’s satisfied it’s actual.

The streamer stated he has “proof” too, pointing in the direction of a gunfight he misplaced, and is now “convinced” it’s an actual factor. “I can’t believe what just happened to me in that last gunfight,” he stated. “It’s unreal. I didn’t miss a bullet and he didn’t get hit.”

Tim couldn’t shake it off. He analyzed the incident once more later on-stream and refused to consider each shot missed. He insisted the crosshair was on the enemy’s head. “That is crazy. Something ain’t right. I do have bad aim sometimes, but that ain’t right.”

The jury is out on whether or not skill-based hit registration is definitely a factor, however TimTheTatman is a believer—now greater than ever—as a result of he’s skilled it for himself, or so he thinks. His followers have been cut up on it, although. Some agreed, claiming they’ve skilled it every so often, whereas others stated it was probably one thing else, resembling a hitbox problem.

Either method, the tin foil hat is on Tim’s head, and the dialogue about whether or not it exists will possible proceed now a streamer as widespread as him has introduced it to gentle.

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