Inside Roblox’s Criminal Underworld, Where Kids Are Scamming Kids

In this IGN investigative report, we’re wanting into Roblox. Specifically, we’re diving into the illicit world of Roblox scams, the place teenagers are making greater than $2000 per week by scamming different youngsters.

In this report, IGN has talked to not one Roblox scammer, however a number of, who’ve defined to us how they use instruments like Discord and web sites like to launder Roblox gadgets, which may then be resold for Robux. One Robux scammer we talked to described a customized script they described as a “pin cracker” which they use to entry a sufferer’s username, password, and IP handle whereas auto-unverifying their e mail.

We’ve additionally talked to the victims who discuss how Roblox scams have affected the way in which they see the sport.

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  1. If roblox actually cared they would bind all purchased items to peoples accounts and make them untradable.

    They wont do that though since they know how much of a cash cow these items can be.

  2. I’m 36 and played a sword game on the “platform” roblox and got robbed pretty quick lol they took all my swords the little shits . Haha not all games built on the roblox platform foster this behaviour

    All you speak about is just scamming or script kiddies reborn.
    Its same scam as on FB marketplace. yea true hackers.
    You use word hacker so much and so wrong that whole "investigation" cant be taken serious.
    Teach your kids not to be dumb or show then any interest instead of paypaling them 5$ to buy dumb stuff in dumb game. You told to them not to take candy from the stranger in a black van. Its same thing in internet for like 15 years now.

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