Impressive Ok’Sante outplay has League followers calling the champ a ‘tank assassin’

The League of Legends group lives for outplays. Players hope to carry out them, watch highlights of pros pulling them off on the largest levels, and scour social media day-after-day to search out the most recent and biggest outplays. 

As League has developed over its now over-decade-long run, champions have gotten increasingly advanced. The newest product of that’s Ok’Sante, one of the crucial dynamic tanks within the sport on Patch 13.1. It didn’t take lengthy for gamers to point out off their expertise with the hero of Nazumah, and one explicit League streamer did it stay in a powerful outplay.

Streamer Chukway definitely is aware of his manner round Ok’Sante and is sarcastically rocking the summoner identify “ksINTe” as he kinds on two gamers below his personal tower. A majority of League gamers are inclined to panic when a Nunu pops into their lane pushing a large snowball headed straight for them. But Chukway didn’t. He absorbed the preliminary injury whereas kiting again to his tower utilizing the injury discount from Path Maker (W) to maintain himself alive. Then, issues obtained wild. The Kled pulled him again solely to knock Chukway additional below his turret with Charge (R), leaving him two measly hitpoints from dying. 

There was the smallest of margins between a grey display or an outplay, and this Ok’Sante participant emphatically selected the latter. Chukway dashed to achieve a much-needed protect as Kled dismounted, dropping aggro over to the Nunu who was on the full may of Ok’Sante. Chukway ulted on high of Nunu, breaking into Ok’Sante’s “All Out” type, ensuring to distance himself from Kled whereas securing the kill on Nunu with assist from the turret. Now with an enormous injury increase and further well being from the Triumph rune, Ok’Sante rapidly dashed onto Kled to finish the one-vs-two outplay below turret.

Chukway set free an emphatic, banshee-like screech in celebration—and boy, did he earn it. He went from two hitpoints to a double kill below his turret and straight into Reddit glory after posting the clip on the location.

The greatest takeaway from this play, nonetheless, comes from the group’s response. Scattered within the tons of of feedback are followers questioning if Ok’Sante is definitely a tank, with a few customers coining the time period “tank assassin.” That’s a really amusing oxymoron, however with how Ok’Sante is constructed, it has a little bit of reality to it.

Ok’Sante, in his regular type, behaves rather a lot like a typical crowd-control-oriented tank with tons of how to disrupt enemies and decrease the injury he takes like a real frontliner. It’s when Ok’Sante pops his final and goes into that “All Out” type that his package is overclocked. Those gradual dashes now turn out to be lightning fast like Irelia and Ok’Sante unsheathes his blades, making these talents designed to crowd management flip into enormous injury sellers. 

Regardless of how “broken” League followers discover his package, there isn’t a denying that Ok’Sante is a singular champion and one which holds unimaginable highlight-reel outplay potential. Chukway is the hero of League Reddit for now wielding the champion, however don’t be shocked if a ton extra performs like this pop up on social media and even within the greatest skilled video games to come back.

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