IGN’s Best TV Series of 2022

It’s tough to slim down one of the best tv collection in a yr that is completely filled with unimaginable contenders, however on the finish of the day it is almost not possible to guess towards Andor.

While many got here into the collection with issues over a prequel for a prequel, Andor has upped Star Wars’ recreation at almost each flip. From the difficult drama of the senate to the nitty gritty problems with planets on the outer rim, the collection provides us our first actual take a look at the rise up in its infancy. In a collection so rooted within the black and white views of the Jedi and the Sith, Andor provides a take a look at the messy, difficult, and morally gray areas of a resistance taking root towards what appears to be an unbeatable drive.

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  1. Yes because you know what Star Wars needed more of not action scenes definitely dialogue the major complaint about the first 2 prequels and the last Jedi is definitely not how slow/full of dialogue they were but that there were to many actions scenes lol

  2. Better Call Saul will go down I'm history, along with Breaking Bad, as one of the greatest shows of all time.

    Andor will be forgotten in a few months, as great as it may be.

  3. Andor and House of the Dragon had the unenviable task of bringing new greatness to properties that were not entirely favored by the population. They both succeeded wonderfully. Such difficult tasks to take on and both shows passed with flying colors.

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