IGN's Best Movie of 2022

t a time the place the film panorama is dominated by variations and franchises, the wildly authentic Everything Everything All At Once has managed to come back screaming via the noise for a cause: it’s a bonafide masterpiece. It’s not simply the Daniels’ assured course, the creative sci-fi concepts, the exhilarating motion scenes, or the forged so unbelievable that they encompass greater than one of many yr’s greatest performances – though, it’s bought all of that too. But what actually makes it the sort of once-in-a-generation triumph that it’s is its beautiful emotional core, a shocking model of hopeful nihilism that makes it, amidst every little thing else, endlessly inspiring.

The premise is easy sufficient… till it’s, effectively, very a lot not. But all of it begins with Michelle Yeoh’s sad and overwhelmed Evelyn, whose laundromat is being audited by the IRS, simply as she’s additionally about to be hit by divorce papers. It’s not till Evelyn will get recruited to attach with numerous variations of herself to cease a robust being from destroying the multiverse that Everything Everywhere All At Once turns into the formidable explosion of genres that it’s.

As an motion film, it takes inspiration from numerous martial arts classics, creating among the most memorable combat scenes in years. The combat choreography that actors like Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, and Jamie Lee Curtis pull off is spectacular in itself – the truth that they’re typically swinging round fanny packs or dildo nunchunks is icing on the cake. It’s in these moments the place the directing duo of the Daniels can’t assist themselves from weaving in a few of their best bathroom humor; it’s true that, via all of it, Everything Everywhere is persistently hilarious.

And then there’s the multiverse of all of it, which actually isn’t a brand new idea to us right here in 2022. But Everything Everywhere All At Once makes use of its huge sci-fi concepts to inform a poignant, intimate story a few lady who’s, by the very nature of the plot, probably the most unfulfilled model of herself. While its typically frantic digicam actions and shifts within the multiverse seize Evelyn’s undiagnosed ADHD, her journey via her personal perceived missteps is a crushingly brutal depiction of melancholy. At first look, the film’s messaging that nothing actually issues appears like a cynical one till it reveals its true theme: that if nothing issues, the one factor that basically does is the best way you deal with these round you. It by no means buckles underneath the load of despair; as a substitute, it creates probably the most cleverly hopeful films you’ll ever see.

All these huge concepts are anchored by its actors, a few of whom ship profession highlights of their already totally spectacular careers. There was no better option for a lead than Yeoh, who each carries the load of Evelyn’s frustration and remorse whereas masterfully pulling off the numerous different Evelyns she encounters, as both foolish or profound as they might be. But she’s not alone; Ke Huy Quan is the film’s constant coronary heart as Evelyn’s timid husband Waymond, in addition to his easy multiversal counterpart. And you may’t neglect Stephanie Hsu, who manages to be a breakout star amidst the veterans.

In brief, it has every little thing, in every single place, , and it’s IGN’s decide for the very best film of 2022.


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  1. This will be a test for the Globes and Oscars. Can an absurdist fantasy be nominated for awards? Because EEAAO should get between 6 and 8 nominations at the Oscars. If it is snubbed, that will be the last lingering shred of respect gone for those awards.

  2. One of the dumbest most emptiest films I’ve ever seen. Like a cheap matrix.None of the action scenes felt fun….just stiff and choreographed
    She was better in Shang chi
    And this multiverse doesn’t come close to Dr.strange and if you think otherwise your dillusional and your brain is rotten 🤣
    People who liked this movie are the same type to say Tarantino is there favorite director 🤣💀
    Then again this is ign home of the 14 year old

  3. I'd argue this is the best movie of the last decade and maybe even since the 2000's started – it's certainly made it's way into my top 5 movies of all-time. It literally has everything that a movie-goer would hope for: romance, action, sci-fi, horror, comedy, drama – it's basically impossible to not find this movie to be charming, enduring, laughable, and both heartwarming and heartbreaking by the end of the watch through. Anyone I've put onto this movie and watches it comes away from it feeling changed in some way, typically happier and empowered. It's hard to find other movies that are capable of touching and moving the inner workings of a person like Everything, Everywhere, All At Once has.

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