IGN Live Presents Guilty Gear Strive New Character Reveal

Join IGN’s Mitchell Saltzman for an unique reveal of the latest character replace for Guilty Gear Strive. Mitchell, might be joined by Riku Ozawa, eSports supervisor at Arc System Works, and Ken Miyauchi, producer on Guilty Gear Strive for a palms on demo and moveset breakdown. Guilty Gear followers, you will not need to miss this!


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  1. Sin: "Mom's waiting."
    Btw, bless these guys for just jumping straight into it after the countdown was over. No messing about like talking about how the game's doing or the patches they're working on first, just "here's the thing you came for." up front.

  2. WAIT

    he doesn't do special to special anymore?

    Just because Nagoriyuki exists??

    Man I'm disappointed.

    He got demoted to Rekka character with the stamina bar limiting his ability to Rekka.

  3. Man that presentation was really awkward and kinda bad. Forget language barrier, they didn’t even seem like they were from the same planet.

    Sin looks great but hopefully next time it seems like they have something planned to say

  4. you would think that, as big as IGN is, they could afford to have a spokesperson who is fluent in both english and japanese and the fighting game scene so these interview/demos aren't awkward as hell to watch.
    at this point, just grab some english speaking japanese vtuber if you have to. so bad making the guy try to explain, complex systems in english, the translator taking 20 seconds to figure out the translation, then the random white dude just going "OH OKAY OKAY OKAY!" then awkward silence. it can't be that hard IGN come on..

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