Hunt Showdown Devs Respond to Firearms Expert Reacts

We obtained the possibility to sit down with a few the builders of Hunt: Showdown to chat about how they applied suggestions from our firearms skilled himself, Jonathan Ferguson.

00:00 – Opening
00:24 – Developer Reaction to Firearms Expert
03:19 – Design Resources
05:29 – Sparks LLR Updates
07:33 – Community Engagement
08:32 – Design Changes

In this bonus video within the Firearm Expert Reacts collection, our chat with the Hunt builders coated all the pieces from their response to the unique Expert Reacts video from March 2021, what they modified within the sport’s artwork and animation, and the way they approached the sport’s weapon design.

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  1. It always looks good when devs actually listen, might I also add that I'm a bit less surprized when it comes to indies as they are more or less about passion for the game over what makes a quick buck.

  2. It's really interesting to hear the methods that they use to create a game that is clearly a work of passion. I'm always impressed by people who truly strive for the best when they have every excuse not to. All respect to the devs, and thanks to Dave for giving us the opportunity to hear from them

  3. This is why I like it when people react to the realism of guns in video games. It's not because I want game devs to see it. So that we can say they're wrong all the time. Or be captain hindsight.

    It's to make the guns sound more fun and move more uniquely. Because a big issue with shooters today is that they use the same sounds, animations, and even design to a fault. I understand when tiny Studios needs to copy and paste generic gun sounds. But, companies as big as Activision, Ubisoft, and EA shouldn't be so quick to do the same.

    Also, you end up with games like Bethesda's "Brink" which may have not been a great shooter. But it's easily one of the best-sounding shooters ever. Since all the sounds are authentic and captured by the team (And, Ironically the game it was going toe-to-toe with Team Fortress 2. Has some of the most generic gun sounds in gun sounds history.).

  4. This was a really cool video, but honestly I'm really looking forward to "Firearms Expert Reacts to Hunt Showdown Devs Respond to Firearms Expert Reacts" 😜. Seriously, though, thanks for these, they are really interesting 🙂.

  5. Ngl. As an American, I never really though about the fact that they can't just go get hands on the real weapons to build from. Not only because of the whole "America all have guns" stereotype, but also because I assumed game companies would hire ppl to come and talk to them about guns, or bring them ones, they want ro build if they want to make things authentic. I always feel like over here, there are "experts" for everything thst you can just go and fly out to talk to or have come to you in any field.

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