Hozier and Bear Mccreary Perform Blood Upon Snow From God of War Ragnarok

Watch as Hozier and Bear Mccreary carry out Blood Upon Snow from God of War Ragnarok at The Game Awards.

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  1. aaaaahhhhh!!!!!! i just can't get over this! i'm teleported to the world of GOW again! i'm so happy for bear, he did an awesome job! ty GOW team for making an awesome game / world we truly loved ❤️

  2. This game was beautiful, I preordered and played it religiously start to finish and cherishing every moment, Doing everything before and after the end of the game, Cause no part of me wanted it to end, It has such a special meaning in my heart. I sobbed over this game time after time, I've never played a game that really hit me like it did. It's something special this series does and I will always love it. Me and my boyfriend cherish this song as it's beautiful, Linking me to something that had an impact on me while playing the older titles when i was younger. I grew up with these characters, And I'm grateful to have matured with them. To the team that made the games, And the musicians that truly gave it a soul, Thank You.

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