How to take a snapshot of Latios and Latias in Pokémon Go

During Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn, there are many Research duties for gamers to partake in. One huge resolution gamers have to make is selecting between a Ruby badge or a Sapphire badge. With a Ruby badge, you’ll be finishing Field Research to earn extra alternatives to come across Primal Groudon and different wild Pokémon like Solrock. With a Sapphire badge, your Field Research will depend towards spawning extra Primal Kyogre Raids and different Pokémon like Lunatone.

The badge you choose can even decide whether or not you may encounter Latias or Latios. The Ruby badge will provide you with the chance to satisfy Latios, when you would possibly encounter Latias with the Sapphire badge.

How to take Latios and Latias Snapshots in Pokémon Go

One of the Timed Research duties for Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn is to take a Snapshot of both Latios or Latias, relying on which badge you selected. Once you discover Latios or Latias within the wild, make sure to seize a Snapshot of it as a result of that can grant you one other encounter with them in the course of the occasion along with some Great Balls and expertise factors 

To take a Snapshot, faucet on the Legendary Pokémon, faucet the digicam icon, after which snap the pic. By doing this and finishing the Timed Research activity, you’ll have an opportunity to come across Latios with the Ruby badge or Latias with the Sapphire badge once more. Given the rarity of those Hoenn Legendaries, you received’t need to miss out on this chance.

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