After beating the Fallen Archbishop, players will get the key to Rosa Isabelle Street from Antonia. Not far from the first Stargazer, players will encounter the White Lady, who is the first boss in the area. Unlike most fights in Lies of P, the White Lady needs to be spawned before players can engage her in a fight.



To do so, players need to approach the rotating puppet from behind until the option to investigate pops up. This will summon the White Lady, who is one of the few regular-sized enemies in Lies of P. She is not an optional boss and must be defeated in order to proceed to the next area.

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How To Beat The White Lady

lies of p how to defeat the white lady

The White Lady is nimble and will not give players much breathing space. So, it is much better to have all the necessary items equipped before triggering the fight. Players will want to use a special grindstone to add fire or electricity to their weapon. This will increase the damage output and the chances of staggering the White Lady. It is better to keep attacks short; otherwise, she can interrupt and push Pinocchio on the backfoot.

The White Lady’s attacks mainly consist of lunges and quick slashes. She can also parry incoming strikes, which can stun Pinocchio temporarily and leave him open to attacks.

When the White Lady lunges toward Pinocchio, players can try to get behind her and backstab her to deal significant damage. If players manage to do so only a couple of times, they will wipe out a hefty portion of the White Lady’s health. They can also make use of a small window before the lunge and string up a three-four-hit combo. Even if they end up losing the fight multiple times, it is perfectly fine, as it will take some time to get adjusted to her attack patterns.

Players shouldn’t be reluctant to use items such as Throwing Cell or Thermite to deal extra damage whenever possible. If they do not have any throwing items, they can head back to the Krat Hotel and stack up.

If players have explored every nook and cranny so far, they should have picked up at least a couple of Legion Plugs. If they do have any spare ones, creating the Aegis can prove invaluable not just against the White Lady but other enemies as well.


​​​​​​After defeating the White Lady, players will get a couple of rewards. These are:

  • The White Lady’s Locket
  • The White Lady’s Mask.

lies of p beat the white lady guid rewards

The second item can be equipped, but it is solely for cosmetic purposes. Beating the White Lady will also open the gate from where players can access the new Stargazer and move to the next area.

Lies of P is available now on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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