How tall is Gorgc? A Dota 2 participant raises questions across the streamer’s peak

Ranked matches in Dota 2 don’t at all times need to be poisonous encounters. More typically than not, gamers will come across nice and humorous teammates that make the sport a greater place.

Popular Dota 2 streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski lately teamed up with a fan of his channel who occurred to have a really particular profile image that sparked an argument.

Shortly after each groups loaded into the map, Enigma, who glided by the title of John_Seed69 requested Gorgc to test his Steam profile image. As quickly because the streamer noticed the avatar, he recalled the fan and described him as a “really tall guy.”

Gorgc went on to elucidate the image after he opened Enigma’s profile yet another time.

“I know I look very short in the picture,” Gorgc stated. “But this guy was very tall, he was taller than Puppey.”

As Enigma was additionally listening Gorgc’s broadcast, the participant responded within the voice chat once more, saying he was solely 5.9 toes tall, and Gorgc was “just small.” Shocked by the reply, Team Bald Reborn’s founder instructed his chat that Enigma was mendacity. that’s the place the thriller started as Gorgc’s chat realized that his peak was an unsolved thriller and there weren’t many assets to work with.

Based on the out there details, Gorgc described Enigma as “taller than Puppey,” one of many tallest gamers in Dota 2. A fast Google search places Puppey’s peak at 1.96 meters, or 6.43 toes, that means Enigma might be properly above 6.5 toes.

If we had been to imagine Gorgc’s fan’s peak at 6.5 toes, it may imply that Gorgc is round 5.9-to-six toes tall. Gorgc additionally has footage with Puppey the place he seems taller than Team Secret’s captain, making it technically inconceivable to guess the streamer’s peak appropriately.

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