How Resident Evil 2 Has Fueled the Resurgence of Horror, Remakes, And More

It’s all the time simpler to look again on the impression of sure video games after they’ve been out for some time, and the additional away we get from 2019’s Resident Evil 2 remake, the clearer it turns into that the survival horror title has turned out to be far more influential within the wider context of the video games trade than many would have initially imagined.

RE2 launched early on in its yr and was extensively obtained with rapturous response, selecting up excessive scores, plaudits, and awards. All of that has, in fact, additionally been mirrored within the spectacular sustained gross sales it is seen over the course of practically 4 years, with over 10 million items offered worldwide eventually rely.

That’s spectacular in and of itself, and it shortly turns into obvious that Resident Evil 2’s success has been famous by many, and lots of, in flip, have taken steps within the hopes of replicating its success. That’s occurred in plenty of methods, some extra delicate than others, however the obvious one, in fact, is the resurgence of the horror style.


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  1. I find it funny how these publishers claim single player games are dead, however look at Elden Ring and what it accomplished this year. Or God of War. People will purchase good games. And demand for dlc is there too.

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