How Does Wolverine Appear in Deadpool 3 If He's Dead? Hugh Jackman Weighs In

Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine as soon as once more within the subsequent Deadpool film, through which he groups up with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. But how precisely this can occur stays to be seen, contemplating Jackman’s Wolverine died on the finish of 2017’s Logan. Jackman mentioned on the Jess Cagle Show on SiriusXM that Wolverine will seem in Deadpool 3 via a unique timeline, one through which he’s nonetheless alive.

“It’s all because of this device they have in the Marvel world of moving around timelines,” Jackman mentioned. “Now we can go back because, you know, it’s science [flashes airquotes]. So, I don’t have to screw with the Logan timeline, which was important to me. And I think probably to the fans too.”

Jackman mentioned he was “100% sure” he was completed enjoying Wolverine after Logan. However, after he noticed Deadpool 2, he felt the itch to come back again and take a look at a unique spin on the Wolverine character.

Reynolds and Jackman have, for years, performed up a fictional feud with some very foolish movies, so it will be enjoyable to see the 2 collectively in a film with Deadpool 3.

That Deadpool 3 will not mess with Logan’s timeline is not information. Reynolds and Jackman launched a video in September confirming that Logan, which takes place in 2029, is a “totally separate thing.” Wolverine is lifeless and can stay lifeless, Reynolds mentioned. “Logan died in Logan; not touching that,” Reynolds mentioned. The pair additionally revealed the plot of Deadpool 3, however what they mentioned was drowned out by by Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” You can watch that video under.

James Mangold, who directed Logan, mentioned on Twitter that he has no problem with Deadpool 3 persevering with Wolverine’s story regardless of the character dying. “Oh my gosh! Everybody chill. Logan will always be there. Multiverse or prequel, time warp or worm hole, canon or non-canon or even without a rationale, I cannot wait to see what madness my dear friends cook up!”

Deadpool 3 releases November 2024, with manufacturing anticipated to start in March 2023. Shawn Levy, who directed episodes of Stranger Things and Free Guy, is directing the movie.

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