Horizon Multiplayer Game Confirmed by Developers – IGN Daily Fix

In right this moment’s Daily Fix now we have information straight from the builders {that a} new Horizon multiplayer recreation is in improvement. This joins the PSVR 2-exclusive Horizon: Call of the Mountain as upcoming tasks within the increasing Horizon universe. The authentic World of Warcraft dev returns to the Warcraft group years after having left Blizzard, and the Bluepoint devs helped on God of War Ragnarok and launched a cute new Holiday card which will tease one thing new?


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  1. This has been Sony's strategy. Release single player games first to get the high metacritic scores, then bring on the shitty multiplayer separately that would have brought the review scores down if it had been shipped with the single player campaign.

  2. Sony needs to bring back all their multiplayer franchises from the PS3 days. Let's see new games for Resistance, Killzone, Motorstorm, Littlebigplanet, Littlebigplanet Karting, ModNation Racers, Warhawk, Starhawk, PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale, Uncharted 2/3 style multiplayer and more Last of Us Factions multiplayer.

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