Hogwarts Legacy: Guided Combat Gameplay (With Commentary)

Curious concerning the fight in Hogwarts Legacy? Well look no additional! Ride together with a number of of the builders of Hogwarts Legacy as they present you needs in retailer for gamers when the wands begin taking pictures!

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  1. Everything looks spectacular. The only thing I'm a bit worried about is the length of the game and what there is to do. This is going to be a title people will want to spend months playing. It would be a shame if it turned out to be a short experience with little post game stuff to do and no dlc.

  2. What is wrong with people in the comments. This looks dreadful. A PS3 could run this game. There has been a clear downgrade and the voice and character animation looks worse than mass effect andromeda. Get your heads checked 🤯🤯

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