Hogwarts Legacy – 9 Things Players HATE About It

There’s quite a bit to love about Hogwarts Legacy and the spectacular job Avalanche Software has carried out bringing the Wizarding World to life in its new open world motion RPG, from the unimaginable degree of element and dedication that’s displayed in each nook and cranny of Hogwarts Castle to how enjoyable the fight tends to be when it is in full circulation.

Like each recreation, nonetheless, Hogwarts Legacy just isn’t with out its flaws, and right here, we’ll discuss a number of of them.


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  1. i would've loved that the classes were more like bully. every day you have 2 classes available with each giving a reward at the end. spells or potions being upgraded to the next level or something. and not what they are here. anyway great game and i have no doubt they will learn and make a sequel even better

  2. I'd say the only issue I have is I do think they should have put in a morality system because not gonna lie having zero consequences for breaking into a house or shop and stealing right in front is funny but a little realism breaking but its honestly not that big of a deal I understand that they were going for a for all ages type game and not make it too complex. I'm still not sure about quidditch because unless you have to be a seeker it be a mess trying to play

  3. You do form relationships with characters.. there are 3 characters with full fledged story arcs with whom over the course you form a deeper bond…. Natsai Onai, Poppy Sweeting and Sebastian Sallow…… There are more too like Sirona Ryan, Lodgok etc….. What are you talking about???

  4. I am obligated to agree with everything that was said, but for me, queue QoL is the most important, I miss so many features.
    1-Tougle After you have the unlock safe lvl3, automatic-unlock.
    2-A location in the castle or email to sell items without the need to travel on the open map to sell gear.
    3-Lumos and Invisible spells could be buffed, to not force us to waste slots on the diamond spells, like 2 min buff.
    4-For those who want a curfew, my option must be a toggle, I don't want this.
    5-For those who want consequences by using Dark Magic, it could be toggle too, I don't mind the new end of the history, but consequences during the gameplay for me is unacceptable because we kill lots of enemies in this game without dark magic, why do we should be punished by killing the same enemies with dark magic? Just to inform you, we cannot kill civilians and I will mention one more thing, how many chests do you open and steal from someone else's house? We are thieves/killers in this game, why be so false as to think you are a good person in this game?
    6-A fix the toggle appearance feature, where when you change gear, your appearance doesn't change until we un-toggle the appearance.

  5. I am thoroughly enjoying Hogwarts but as with any game there are issues. You had a good list and here are some other annoyances. I wish the wand customization actually impacted the functioning of the wand (same issue with the broom). Picture making your choice of wood changing how the wand worked. All the talk before the game about the common rooms. Common is definitely the right word. The Hogwarts map can also be difficult to manipulate, so, you can find the correct floo.

  6. I honestly don't care about loot systems in games. In the old RPG days, you just equipped Whatever weapon had the highest attack and whatever item gave you the most defense Most weapons and armors will only have 2 stats

  7. I don't think most players will hate the rpg progression because it's clearly not made for the hardcore but for people who never played video games or have little knowledge of them. When it comes to RPGs in recent memory, games like this and One Piece Odyssey aim for a bigger audience.

  8. Preordered this. Huge Harry Potter fan.

    Only really two critizisms would love more character customization in the cc(like grindelwald eyes)

    And that people who like it are villified by a bunch of crazy people.

  9. I disagree that they needed to have more daily school life represented in game. I think they found a fair balance of the school experience / fun gameplay. But my biggest issue is that professor Fig looks very glitchy in cut scenes within his office.

  10. What I found really annoying is that the player is forced to slow down when inside a house or their common room.
    I can see bringing quidditch back as a subplot for DLC with the students (and some teachers) trying to fight with headmaster's ban. As for gameplay of it, I assume that again the role of a seeker will be forced upon us and it will be similar to previous HP games: instead of freeroaming, the player will auto fly behind the snitch, speeding up or dom and slightly sideways, to avoid obstackles and beat enemy seeker.

  11. I wish the forbidden forest had more fog and mist. It feels like just a darker forest. It could've had more of a spooky vibe

    think no quittich might've been a time restraint. They probably could've have ironed out most bugs if it had it.

    Or paid dlc in the future

  12. 1. Limited dialogue choices. aka A** kissing do-gooder and will help or a**hole who'll help but largely for his/her beneifit.
    2. Other than the pre-order appearance options, the two flying mounts AND the Shop quest are not obtainable until roughly 16 quests in for the former and later for the quest. You can ONLY sell items for more Gold. No unique or better items here.
    3. Alohamora….people who've had it it for at least an hour know what I'm talking about.
    4. Hogwarts map is atrocious. Constantly, finding and marking Flu spots to fast travel and not spend an hour being lost.
    5. No Hufflepuff companion and as my first play this being left out was a bad move.
    6. Limited NPC lines. After you go to each vendor they parrot the same lines. In an RPG, once you meet a vendor it should be ONE BUTTON press and get things done. IDGAF about hearing these same lines.
    7. Filler characters.
    8. Should be able to form a bond with a Companion and depending on actions and house can 100% alienate one or all of them and miss out on more XP, gold, and items or even get more with the respective companions.
    9. Shop highly underused. Should be able to get requests, create an item, and upgrade the quality for bonus rewards.
    10. Better colors for preemptive attacks. More often I Block on a "Red/Purple" b/c they look so close and take damage.
    11* The MOST annoying Fing thing!!! Stun lock/Trolls. Both kinds of dodging will get you hit 90% of the time.
    F. Quiddich. Optional lone DLC? Fine but do NOT tie it to game or quest progression.

  13. This game has the vibe of playing Skyrim combined with Spider-Man with a wizarding skin. You get a lot of the same positives and negatives that you see with those two games. I'm semi disappointed that potion making is pretty much instantaneous, but if you need to brew ten potions in a row it's for the best.

    They definitely did put in a pile of thought into making the combat good. As said, they probably sacrificed time spent on story and relationships because of it.

  14. Theres nothing to hate lol though it could involve talking to NPCs, targeting them. Doing activities. Perhaps adding Triwizard Tournament , some underwater contests, expecto patronum and reducto spells.

  15. Can’t think of one.even these 9 were trying way to hard to make a list lol. Shows how great the game is. Only complaints this list has is I wish this was like this was like this instead of like this lol. If those things where the way this list wanted then you could make a list wishing it was another way. Ever think that the rest of the game could suffer if they focused another way on the things they did. Let’s see you make the game this good while adding the things you mentioned. Oh yeah you couldn’t lil

  16. The fact that it helps fund organisations that work to restrict the rights of fellow humans is a big one 🙃 and I imagine it’s annoying that it’s shown all these games outlets to be hypocrites when it comes to pride month and the rest. Apparently that means nothing when there is a popular wizard game to review 🙄

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