Hogwarts Legacy – 10 Greatest Side Quests You NEED To Play

Hogwarts Legacy’s essential story is not a large one, and for those who’re stick with the important path, you may end it in about 25 hours- however those that went to take a position extra time within the sport have loads of scope to do exactly that.

Across its large open world map, Hogwarts Legacy is brimming with non-obligatory actions and aspect quests, and although the latter particularly by no means attain the requirements of among the video games on this style which have one of the best non-obligatory content material, there’s nonetheless loads of stuff to like.

Here, we will speak about a number of such aspect quests in Hogwarts Legacy that, for those who’re taking part in the sport, you undoubtedly should not miss.


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  3. What's the point of this video if you're going to come across the quests naturally just playing the game?

    Why is the gaming community so pathetic they need their hand held just to play a game?

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