Here’s What PlayStation & Xbox Should Do Instead of E3

Welcome again to Next-Gen Console Watch, our present following all of the information and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. In this week’s episode Daemon, Ryan, and Max focus on each Xbox and PlayStation pulling out of this 12 months’s E3. Sony is not any shock as they have not participated up to now few E3’s, however Microsoft got here as a shock. So as a substitute of getting collectively at E3, what ought to Sony and Microsoft do as a substitute? More Nintend Direct-style digital shows? Maybe their very own huge in-person present, a lá PlayStation Experience? There’s additionally the information of 2023’s first main sport delay, and DC Films’ new co-CEO James Gunn making video games an enormous a part of the corporate’s new technique. And we’ve got final week’s ballot to go over, and a brand new ballot so that you can vote on this week.

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  1. It's understandable to skip E3. Each of the big 3 pays millions, and hold their announcements till June, only to get overshadowed by their competitors. It doesn't take a genius to see the problem.

  2. So they basically spent the best part of 20 mins in another week saying the same things they otherwise would say every other week which has no relation to E3 whatsoever. This show has become a trap at this point 😂

  3. IMHO, social media helped propel the slow death of E3. The big three wouldn’t want that backlash if they failed the mythical “Who won E3?” Headlines journalists/bloggers etc used to write about. Same thing that happened with G4TV, YouTube is the new and G4TV is the old.

  4. E3 is irrelevant at this point. All three major companies have their own more regular announcements, which, for the most part, remove that bloat that E3 had so why condense gaming news into a week when we can have more regular announcements which tell us ahead of time what to expect.

  5. The actual E3 floor will be third-party publishers like Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix as well as indie devs and publishers like Devolver; etc. The other thing is Summer Games Fest is now a real thing and taking up a lot of the slack E3 left behind during the pandemic and when it was canceled in 2022. SGF has in-person meetups for press and content creators, so the E3 weekend is a completely different game now than it used to be, for better or worse. There's plenty of vendors and there will be lots of news, but not from one central source like it used to be.

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