Hellraiser – Official Exclusive “Becoming Pinhead” Clip (2022) Jamie Clayton

Watch our unique behind-the-scenes clip showcasing Jamie Clayton’s 4-hour transformation into Pinhead for Hulu’s Hellraiser film.

A reinvention of Clive Barker’s 1987 horror traditional from director David Bruckner by which a younger girl battling habit comes into possession of an historical puzzle field, unaware that its function is to summon the Cenobites, a gaggle of sadistic supernatural beings from one other dimension.

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  1. Jamie's performance was absolutely perfect. And really, given that she was taking on such an iconic character, and not just that but a character that NOBODY could believe in unless it was the original actor – what a stroke of genius, it was like watching magic happen. A totally different take that still feels like it comes from the from the same place… just amazing, what a precarious balancing act and so well done…

  2. For those who may not know. They are in fact transgender. Which is likely why they put so much into the role. You don’t exactly see Hollywood casting trans people for roles. Maybe an established person like Elliot Page, might get something. But I’m sure not likely.

  3. Outside her performance which is great directing was terrible to much lighting and far shots and no likable cast it was better then the last two though as far as ideas

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