Hearthstone dev clarifies which March of the Lich King playing cards can seem as a pre-order bonus

The sport’s new card disenchant and reroll rolls had an odd influence on a few particular playing cards, complicated parts of the participant base. Celestalon has come to the rescue with clarification.

Before the just lately launched 25.0 patch of Hearthstone, gamers had no approach to get Dust out of duplicate copies if the cardboard in query was not disenchantable (as a result of it both was a Rewards Track bonus or an achievement reward), however going ahead, the decrease high quality copy of the cardboard might be re-rolled into a unique card of the identical rarity from the identical set. For occasion, for those who open a golden copy of Grand Magister Rommath and later unlock the Diamond copy from the Tavern Pass, now you can re-roll it into a unique golden Legendary from March of the Lich King.

Lor’themar Theron’s common copy might be a login reward, whereas Grand Magister Rommath’s Diamond copy might be obtained by buying the Tavern Pass and reaching stage 2 on the Rewards Track. As such, gamers in the neighborhood had been questioning whether or not these playing cards can even be obtainable as pre-order bonuses, and the way all this interacts with the particular Signature variations of the playing cards. Hearthstone Features Lead Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig defined the matter on Twitter.

“Lor’themar Normal/Golden don’t drop from packs or random sources. Rommath does, so you could indeed reroll one that you get before you pick his Diamond up on the Tavern Pass,” Nervig stated. “The random legendaries from prepurchase won’t include Lor’themar, since he’s freely available on the reward track. It could include Rommath, which has some downside, but we think the benefit is overall higher to include.”

The playing cards in query alongside all different goodies from March of the Lich King, together with the brand new Death Knight class, will drop on December 6.

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