Harvestella Review – The Final Verdict

The best approach to describe Harvestella is as a basic instance of an unpolished but gratifying AA recreation, of which we have seen fairly a couple of in current months, from The DioField Chronicle to Valkyrie Elysium. It’s tough across the edges, it would not shake up any formulation, and it would not ever come near setting any new requirements in its style, but it surely’s not an unenjoyable recreation.

In making an attempt to be each a farming sim and an motion RPG, it finally ends up failing to make an impression as either- although it is a significantly better farming sim than it’s an motion RPG, and brought as an entire, it is a respectable expertise that is price clocking a pair dozen hours into… in case you have nothing higher to play.


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  1. The time limit for each day is criminal. No time to explore as the in game time is on steroids…spoils the flow as you have to watch your time constantly (played demo btw). Rune factory had it right, this does not, they could learn a lesson or two from other farming/adventure style games. Its a no from me (buy on a heavy sale at a push.) Unless they address some of the short comings you mentioned in this review. cheers!….Oh and nearly forgot, good luck choosing a male character!

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