Halo Infinite Winter Update With 343 – IGN Live

IGN is sitting down with 343 to debate every thing that is coming this winter to Halo Infinite. We’ll be having a look at two new mutiplayer maps, a brand new multiplayer mode known as Cover One Flag, Forge, and the lengthy awaited addition of co-op marketing campaign.

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  1. 32:04 Yes, most people are online now, but even still, there were a lot of people who wanted to play together locally. If it is a technical issue that is difficult to get to 100% functionality then it's understandable it had to be dropped. That said, a lot of people were waiting for it especially after missing the feature in Halo 5. At the very least, Sean did seem to be understanding in people's frustration. It sounds like they were really trying to make it work. But to get back to the time stamp, the fact that most people are online doesn't necessarily mean they don't want local multi-player options as well.

  2. This was such a disappointing stream. Very little info on coop, and what little there was, you couldn't even hear what they were saying. Can't believe they actually uploaded this thinking it was an acceptable quality stream..

  3. There’s nothing here to watch nothing has changed they just keep on topping off what they can do wrong with Halo. Also the casual player already left to MW2 while hardcore players left to Destiny the new Halo. Another thing too is that the normal folks will not be able to get into this only the 10 people who hacked forge are the ones doing maps since they understand CODING.

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