Gunfire Reborn Review – The Final Verdict

Gunfire Reborn tries to do numerous issues, and whereas it doesn’t do something extremely effectively, it’s enjoyable sufficient to offer a little bit of leisure alongside the way in which. The gunplay will get a little bit stale and inconsistent after some time, and the roguelike construction doesn’t attain its full potential as a result of excessive similarities between every run.

At the identical time, whereas it may be irritating to die with out warning, there’s numerous enjoyable available. If you’ve got a gaggle able to play multiplayer, you’ll end up powering by way of runs and doing only one extra go, assuming you’re keen to look previous a number of obtrusive points.


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  1. You didn't even cover the reincarnation mode and spirit link. There is a ton of different combinations that cause different effects. The spirit vendors and the mushroom guys between stages that sell abilities for your character and some that are character specific that gives you some crazy abilities if you can get the right ones. Some games require more play to unlock the true game

  2. This review misrepresents this game. Gunfire is Great and is a total blast to play.

    If you like FPSs you will like this game. It has a great feel to all of the guns and different guns compliant different heros, and builds based on RnG throughout each run. The game gets really interesting on harder difficulty as you really need to think about which weapons, scrolls and perks you choose. Otherwise you won't succeed.

    Enemy variety is also good, with harder difficulty settings adding different forms of buffed enemies. All said, each area requires enemy prioritization, good awareness and mobility. Each hero and weapon class also has different movement speed, which plays into the above.

    I would agree that the levels you fight through can feel the same. Valid criticism. However, the gameplay changes from run to run in meaningful ways. Each stage also has a rotating boss, which wasn't mentioned in the review.

    I can tell that this reviewer has only played the "normal" difficulty and has not had to learn the game and its mechanics. He also failed to realize there is an option to disable swapping to your default weapon. Instead he complained about the weapon swapping mechanic.

    Gamingbolt 1/10
    Gunfire 8.5/10

    It's on gamepass. Play this gem.

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