• Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto 5 reference pop culture, real-life events, and other works of fiction, making the game feel relatable and animated.
  • Players can find an underwater hatch in GTA 5 by swimming off the East Coast and using a submarine or scuba diving kit.
  • The underwater hatch is a reference to The Hatch from the TV show Lost, but in GTA 5, it only contains a funny gag. It would be interesting to see it come back in GTA 6 with a more significant role.



Easter eggs are commonplace in roleplaying games, especially in Grand Theft Auto 5 and previous games in the franchise. One can find references to pop culture in GTA 5, like the iconic jacket from Drive and even the Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. There are also callbacks to real-life events like the 2011 London Riots and the Occupy Wall Street protests in the same year. One of the more interesting Easter eggs in the game could be referencing the TV drama Lost, and it’s just as mysterious as the show.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action-adventure game with a fictional world that closely resembles reality. Its setting, San Andreas, is heavily based on the Southern California region of the United States. Its capital city, Los Santos, is a carbon copy of Los Angeles. It also borrows storylines from current events and existing works of fiction. Fans and game reviewers claim that GTA 5 is heavily inspired by Heat because of its armored car heist mission. Plus, one of its protagonists, Michael De Santa, is a dead ringer for Neil McCauley, Robert De Niro’s character. Easter eggs like these are scattered throughout the game. They make Los Santos feel more relatable, real, and animated all at the same time.

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How to Access the Underwater Hatch in GTA 5

The Underwater Hatch in GTA Online

Players can get to the hatch in Grand Theft Auto 5 by swimming off the East Coast of the map, and then submerging their character via submarine or scuba diving kit. One can easily find the hatch despite its depth. This is because it has a small window with a patch of light that players can easily see. The hatch is located on the seabed just outside the game’s kill zone. As such, when one tries to move closer using their scuba gear, their character dies due to the immense pressure of such a depth.

While players cannot go near the underwater hatch in GTA 5 in any way, they can still get something out of it by listening to the sounds it makes. Some players have reported hearing tapping noises emanating from the hatch. People from the GTA Forums, a message board dedicated to the game franchise, also tried to decode what it means. One might think that it’s Morse code, but it’s a different kind of cipher called tap code. Users say that it translates to “Hey, you never call. How’d you fancy going bowling?” This is a reference to GTA 4’s Roman Bellic, who always asks his cousin, the protagonist Niko, to hang out with him. It’s a fun callback to an iconic line in the previous game.

What the Underwater Hatch in GTA 5 References

Lost, the TV series

Keen players have figured out that the underwater hatch is a reference to The Hatch from Damon Lindelof’s famous TV show Lost. This structure led to an underground facility called The Swan. It was built on the island during the 1970s to study the unique electromagnetic fluctuations in the area. The main characters of the show used it as a place to hide from a hostile group of people chasing them down. They used The Hatch from time to time to enter and exit The Swan until its implosion in season two.

Despite being destroyed, the characters often find themselves coming back to The Hatch throughout the latter seasons. This is because of its significance to the mystery of the island. The GTA 5 underwater hatch is much less interesting, containing only a funny gag. It would be fun to see it come back in GTA 6, with the developers and designers going all in with a mission that references a momentous event in Lost, just like they did with the heist that referenced Heat.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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