Gran Turismo 7 VR Review

Gran Turismo 7 VR reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PlayStation VR 2.

Gran Turismo 7 is identical wonderful simulation-focused racer it at all times has been, however enjoying in a PS VR2 headset has elevated it in surprising methods. Driving its intense and entrancing races in VR provides such a excessive degree of tactility you can bodily really feel the tweaks you make to your automotive, demystifying a whole lot of the in any other case intimidating elective customization for the typical participant. It additionally seems to be gorgeous, making up for flat menus and the dearth of interactivity in its cabins with spectacular lighting and audio alike.

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  1. Autodrome Lago Maggiore in France, that track is my fav in VR. So much elevation change, and the U turn up the side of the hill is so fun in VR. Give it a go!

    Also, pro tip: Shove a sponge between the back of your hand and the loop of the Sense controllers for perfect knuckle grips.

  2. Xbox really needs to get into VR. Forza and Flight Simulator in VR would be amazing. Also, if 2 out of the 3 console companies had headsets, a lot more developers would decide to make VR games, and competition would cause VR games to improve at a faster rate.

  3. Honestly this should've been a 10. The amount of risk, Innovation and perfection is unmatched. Not to be that guy, but you gave Forza Horizon 5 a 10/10 which was a pretty mediocre game with a deceiving honey moon phase.

  4. This is my first vr experience and I’ve yet to even care about trying other vr games really.. it’s so fun just doing qualifying laps.. learning the track.. trying to optimize every corner and whatnot

  5. Really funny watching these VR gameplay/review videos made by non-serious GT players and just see their horrendous driving. Not to say that aren’t enjoying themselves, but it feels like they’d just enjoy it for giggling fun while serious players who care about their DR are like “yes, but can it help me hit the apex more reliably?”

  6. Bought the game at launch….a week later bought a G29 wheel/pedals and Playseat cockpit….and now this, I'm sooooo tempted to get PSVR2, but damn, this game has took some cash off me already 😀

  7. "He can imagine"? Dude get this reviewer a wheel. The biggest game review channel on the planet can't affort a propper sim racing setup or at least this?:

    Thrustmaster T300 + Wheel Stand Pro V2 + IKEA Poäng 💟 (it's 700 bucks tops!)

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