Gotham Knights: The Final Preview

We lastly bought an opportunity to play Gotham Knights for 3 hours and have some conflicting ideas. Check out our full impressions on this closing Gotham Knights preview earlier than it releases on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC on October 21.


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  1. If last gen got canceled then why tf is still so slow?? Faster SSDs and pixel fill rates should allow for faster player speeds. Seems like its old tech just scaled up in res and fps, thats not next gen. It looks floaty af. PS5 players who've played Ratchet or Returnal or even Miles is no longer used to this player speed from 2 gens ago.

  2. Building ur own character is called if they really let us make our own hero like how dc online on ps4 ps4 and Xboxs is made get to choose our own powers abilities that's not on here that's not called build make ur own character get it right

  3. This game does look great, definitely interested in it. As a side note, this version of Harley Quinn looks like Alexa Bliss from WWE (or rather Alexa is clearly based on Harley lol)

    Edit: to be clear the Harley shown in the prison cell briefly

  4. These comments are hilarious 😂 you can tell how much this game isn’t being taken seriously lol. They should’ve just made a new Batman game and they would atleast have a real contender for GOTY.

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