Gotham Knights Hands On Preview – We're Cautiously Optimistic

Lucy and Tam traveled as much as WB Montreal to take a look at Gotham Knights and… They are optimistic.

We received about 2 hours of recreation time with the most recent entry within the Batman Arkham sequence of video games. They are again to share their ideas as they ran round Gotham City as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood. From fight, to sleuthing, to how the characters all come collectively within the absence of a Batman; Lucy and Tam cowl all facets of the small slice they got. For extra Gotham Knights content material head over to and make sure you get all of your Gotham Knights protection right here when it launches October twenty first on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:47 Overview
01:45 Gameplay Breakdown
09:35 Story and Character Thoughts
14:41 Outro


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  1. Clearly the guy is lost, it's not an arkham game yet he keeps saying things such as "like in previous games" and "the free flow combat in this one…."
    It was made very clear since the announcement that it isn't going to be like the arkham games, lol.

  2. I love how they said each Knight is a facet of Batman
    Nightwing=Batman's spirit, his deep love for Gotham, and his acrobatic finesse in combat
    Redhood=Batman's vengeful rage, his brutality in combat
    Batgirl=Batman's detective skills, his relationship with the GCPD, Barbara being a successor to her father, Commissioner Gordon
    Robin=Batman's ingenuity in combat, his stealth, his high tech gadgetry, his brilliant mind

  3. I think it’s unfair to criticize the fighting system considering this is not the same developer of the Arkham games. And WB Montreal has been transparent about the system so it’s people’s fault if they go in expecting an Arkham game style system.

  4. This preview, Caboose's video, and seeing the gameplay and combat mechanics does not give me any confidence to buy this game. I understand trying to do your own thing as a developer, but man! You had a golden goose of combat mechanics from Arkham Knight and this is the combat you choose instead? especially after a year delay? I would have expanded on that, if possible, and gone separately with everything else.

    when they made Arkham Origins, they were given the combat system from Rocksteady. I am curious if that was not the case for this game. I really don't see how they don't have access to it but who knows.

  5. Not a game I'm 'excited' for after really loving the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy. There are aspects about it that I am somewhat unconvinced by and as such, not willing to pre-order or buy on launch day. Its something that I'll probably decide to buy in a sale (Black Friday isn't far off…) and decide how much I'm willing to spend once reviewers and other gamers get their opinions out. I have a feeling though that it could be some time before I get to play as I don't expect it to drop in price to a point that I'm willing to give it a 'try' or to come to a Sub service (PS+/GP etc) I have.

  6. I don't know about you all, but I always thought the freeflow combat from the arkham series was a bit silly. Seeing batman fly across a fighting arena at superhuman speed because the nearest opponent was on the other side of the screen always took me out my immersion in the game. It felt mindless to me. Arkham Knights seems to have actually improved on at least that aspect of the game. Combat feels more purposeful and realistic albeit still fantastical in many ways.

  7. the creators (especially art designers) need to bring back the scooby doo games.. boy do i miss the ps2 days.. also.. that is the worst version of Harley Quinn ever

  8. similar reviews all around, anytime critics are 'cautiously optimistic' it's probably a sign that the game is way better than they let on but it's not COD or similar so they're not paid as much to hype it.

  9. it like the division only with dc chars and lots of gear to loot so perfect for me and my buddies. yeah it has some avengers vibes but if the endgame is better and its openworld not like avengers so i am excited

  10. Honestly, as long as the combat works, I'm on board. The other stuff is more important imo. Avengers had really fun combat but fell apart in every other area, this seems to have the right priorities (i.e making a Video Game rather than a Long Term Platform for Consumer Reinvestment or whatever)

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