Gotham Knights’ Ending Explained And How It Sets up A Sequel/ Future Content

Gotham Knights is lastly out there for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, after being revealed in August 2020 and struggling some delays. The crucial reception is above-average general, and whether or not comparisons to the Batman Arkham sequence are warranted, this is not a follow-up by way of story. Yes, regardless of Bruce Wayne seemingly sacrificing himself on the finish of Arkham Knight, which might have been an ideal segue.

Instead, Gotham Knights takes place in a very separate universe with its personal story. In the start, Bruce Wayne/Batman is ambushed by Ra’s al Ghul, the chief of the League of Shadows, within the Batcave. Batman seemingly has no method to beat Ra’s and decides to self-destruct the Batcave, sealing him inside (whereas additionally sending a message out to the remaining Bat Family). So there you go – Batman is lifeless, gone, buried, and undoubtedly not coming again.


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  1. Well technically speaking we did get references to young justice the titans and the justice league do exist in this universe so maybe we can open the door the knights to team up with the rest of the dc universe to keep Gotham safe.

  2. Change the combat, give 60FPS and the game will be good. The story was interesting but it's hard without Batman but the family was good. I couldn't play it anymore. Combat boring and too many hiccups in the frame rate. Decent story bad gameplay

  3. Here’s what’s going to happen. The joker finds out the league killed Batman. The Joker is going to be pissed. The joker will either go after the League or he will bring Batman back. Because the Joker wants to kill Batman himself.

  4. It pisses me off that everyone is shitting on this agenda so much, most likely without playing it. We’ll probably never get a sequel and the gameplay loop with the night patrols is exactly what I’ve wanted out of a Batman game for years. Now they will most likely never get the chance to improve because, instead of seeing the game’s potential and giving constructive criticism, people just no-brain hate on it without any real reason

  5. Did you guys even play the game couse if you didn’t then shut up your opinion holds no water if you didn’t play it for yourself I actually played the game and like a lot of other fans enjoyed the game

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