Gotham Knights – 9 Things To Do First

With the largest rendition of Gotham City but and 4 playable Bat-Characters to select from it may be troublesome to know the place to begin your post-Batman journey in Gotham Knights. Here are our suggestions for the 9 most vital Things To Do First in Gotham Knights.

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – 1: How To Unlock Co-Op
00:59 – 2: Complete Training for XP
01:27 – 3: Focus on the Story to Start
01:55 – 4: Choose A Favorite Character
02:24 – 5: How To Unlock Fast-Travel
02:59 – 6: Prioritise Knighthood Challenges
03:20 – 7: How To Stop Premeditated Crimes
03:44 – 8: Save some AP Points for Knighthood
04:08 – 9: Don’t Get Every Secret Cache At Once
04:40 – Outro

For extra on Gotham Knights, try our PC and console efficiency overview, and for much more Bat-tips, Bat-tricks, or all of the Bat-collectibles you’ll be able to shake a stick at, head to our information on IGN.


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  1. Their review about combat they really didn’t go into detail how important theft timing dodges and attacks change. For example red hood shoots one bullet per tap of range attacks yet when you perfect time them his weapons light up and he shoots rapid fire twice per shot instead of once. With talent tree you can shoot two bullets per shot making perfect time shots shooting 4 bullets per shot!! Melting people so fast. You can just button mash but you won’t get the most out of it at all! And you build momentum bars so much faster as well

  2. im so sick of this goofy, idiotic, superhero nonsense thats been taking over our society for the last 20 damn year…you and your ridiculous spidermans and supermans and all the other comic book crap. grow up already!

  3. This game deserves a 5/ 10 just like WB Montreal as a studio. The studio needs to hire better workers or get shut down. We need to boycott this game to let WB know we will not tolerate this level of incompetence.

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