God of War Ragnarok’s BIG Ending Feels Rushed…

God of War Ragnarok remains to be, in spite of the problems we have spoken about right here, remains to be one of the very best video games within the collection and one of the very best first occasion PlayStation titles of all time ought to let you know an incredible deal about simply how extremely good the sport is.

Right from its first second, it delivers expertly constructed fight, exploration, and puzzles, and combines it with a fascinating forged of characters, sensible writing and performances, and standout visuals. We completely love the sport for that- however that does not imply we won’t have gripes with the issues that it does have. And how rushed that climactic sequence feels and fails to reside as much as expectations is certainly an issue value highlighting.


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  1. Totally agree. The ending with ragnarok was an huge disappointment. Like you said: the titans siege of mount olympus was epic and this just felt alot more peaceful.
    Alot less cool boss fights and alot less gods and giants explored for combat like tyr, bragi, surtr, jormungandr, vile&ve, fenrir, outhgardloki etc.
    This did nt feel like ragnarok from the sagas but just like an siege of valhalla. Both the battle with Thor and Odin felt quite disappointing comared to the battle with Zeus. I expected more. The game was great all the way untill ragnarok though,

  2. Definitely a rushed ending with poorly designed story wrap up. Great game that could have been a masterpiece with a bit more time spent on the ending, it it basically just two boss battles in a row…..

  3. Yeah, they def cut a lot out of the game, and you know if was a suit/executive that made the call …. IronWood area sucked and brought the flow of the game to a screeching halt, they should have cut that area and made ragnarok/asgard a multi-mission zone like the crater … but nope, need to do some interracial virtue signaling and pick fruit and paint .. and of course the grandma was a jamacian voo-doo witch … :facepalm: ,,,, a second playthrough is going to be tough to get through IronWood without being able to skip dialogue

  4. I must be one of the only ones who were actually pleased with this 🤷‍♂️ not leaving the perspective of kratos and/or Atreus the entire time it gives what’s happening a sense of realism. The characters aren’t going to be everywhere at once.

  5. Wow reading the comments really shows how hard to please people are 😂 I loved the game lmao I don’t know what y’all were expecting but I didn’t have any problems with the game or it’s ending 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣 everyone’s so entitled 💀

  6. Well, what you're saying isn't wrong by any means, but the thing is we see things from a very personal perspective in these games and battles tend to be confusing when you're in the middle of it. The point is you get to miss a lot of details when you're fighting on the front line, so it didn't bother me that much to not see every little things during the attack even if an army of hel walkers breaking through Einherjar's defences would have been cool as… Hel. 🤔🤨

    In the end, what I trully remember of this final assault is the moment when Kratos went out of his way to tell Atreus to care about other people' suffering. I'm not easily shaken but, I don't know, it worked on me… that little moment of realization and growth for Kratos broke fate itself and felt very strong storywise. The purpose of this whole Ragnarök sequence wasn't really Ragnarök, was it ?😅

  7. I couldn't agree more. The ending just felt rushed. I wish we got a redemption arc for Thor where he got to stand up to his father with Kratos and Atreus. I was really hoping that we'd get to either play as Thor or have Thor toss Kratos Mjolnir so we could've actually gotten to use it!

  8. I feel like it was the Odin boss fight that just wasn’t what I was expecting felt like it would be more dangerous or would just be more awesome Thor was the boss to me that was like omg this is bad ass Odin was boring fighting him was not the character in general

  9. I agree the end did feel rush. i still didn’t get why Sutyr changed his mind. They explained why Freya was so liked in a random conversation. We didn’t even see the actual end of Ragnarök. We passed out.

  10. I'm pretty sure Zeus alone could have killed all the nord Gods.
    I expected Odin to huge strong looking nord guy but it was a week old man,Thor was a fat drunk and the rest was annoying teens.

  11. A lot of you motherfuckers are missing the entire point of the Norse Saga.

    If you wanted a God bloodbath, then play God of War 3 again. The entire point of this game was correcting those mistakes and building rather than destroying, opening your heart to the pain of others, even your enemies. Saying "I didn't want a depressed Sutyr" is like saying "I don't like characters with depth". Depressed Sutyr has more motivation and personality than a good chunk of all the Gods from the Greek Saga.

  12. I agree it felt like it needed more epic and cinematic moments it felt like we spent too much time exploring listening to mimir which is not particularly bad but it didn’t leave room for more big moments

    Also where the hell is the bear cloak from the trailer ??!! 😭

  13. With how linear the game is, it doesn't surprise me, yesterday I started the part already close to the end (kill heimdall, start ragnarok, activate tsfur, fight the 2 valkyries) all this in just a few days, the game literally takes you by the hand How stupid do they think we are to make the game like that? or is this generation the stupid one that cries for everything to make the game so linear and easy, practically "video" walk collecting resources "puzzle" walk "video" and boss or mini boss video explore, repeat in each zone, Jesus Christ

  14. ⭐This video said all the things ive been saying, good job guys. And you are absolutely correct one what you said towards the end. The game is still one of the best games created. But had they not played it safe and went all out like they were supposed to, this could've been one of the best stories is GAMING History. Possibly the best.

  15. The ending did feel rushed. They spent 2 games hyping up the end of Asgard with Ragnarok, the World Serpent and Thor being nemesis of each other, spoke about Surtr and his entire realm to be diminished to TWO misisons, and created Fenrir for it all to matter very little. Changing Ragnarok from an EVENT to a "being" was very weak. There was no visible fight between Thor and the World Snake. Thor's fight and death was immediately forgotten due to Odin's fight right up (which was underwhelming and easily telegraphed) and Fenrir was in the battle for 20 seconds. Incredibly game throughout but the ending takes away soooooo much that was built up for 4 years.

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