God of War Ragnarok – Official 'Becoming Kratos' Behind the Scenes Clip (Warning: Spoilers)

SPOILER WARNING: Note there are spoilers for God of War Ragnarök on this video.

Join members of the improvement crew, in addition to voice actor Christopher Judge (who performs Kratos) and a range of worldwide voice actors who painting Kratos throughout the globe, for a deep dive into God of War Ragnarök, together with a have a look at how Kratos is delivered to life from efficiency and voice seize, to stunt work and animation, their connection to the character, how private household relationships form the character, and far more.


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  1. A big theme throughout this story from 2018-now is the willingness of Kratos to sacrifice himself for Atreus. What he fails to understand is that Atreus is willing to sacrifice himself for Kratos as well. Kratos can’t even fathom the thought of someone caring for him so much because of his past transgressions. He feels unworthy of that love.

  2. Finished the game about an hour before this video was released. By far the greatest game I’ve ever played. What a journey! Huge congrats to the whole team! This is a special moment in gaming history… game of the year for sure!

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