Gaming PC modder turns Xbox fridge into dinky Nvidia RTX rig

A gaming PC modder has reworked an Xbox mini fridge right into a dinky rig, and it’s fuelling our Series X Pro needs. Naturally, you possibly can’t retailer a couple of chilly ones on this artistic construct, however there may be sufficient room for a chonky Nvidia RTX graphics card inside the chilly customized case.

Created by Tiktoker Arkitechnology, the Xbox Fridge gaming PC crams a fully-fledged desktop machine into the confines of Microsoft’s novelty Series X cuboid. While compact rigs normally come outfitted with entry-level GPUs, the repurposed equipment homes an MSI GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card and a 750W energy provide.

This challenge might sound bananas, nevertheless it’s truly extra typical than the creator’s earlier setup, because the rig’s innards beforehand operated inside a gaming desk drawer. That mentioned, the fridge PC does include a couple of caveats, as its AIO cooler hangs out of the again of the construct.

Inside Xbox fridge gaming PC with Nvidia RTX GPU in view
Image Credit: Arkitechnology

The customized Xbox fridge gaming PC is much from excellent, and Arkitechnology is contemplating migrating the components to a Meshalicious mini-ITX case. That mentioned, the creator can also be open to options, and viewers have already proposed new absurd construct concepts, like a Microwave PC and system that lives within the partitions, which sounds a bit like a ’90s Wes Craven horror flick.

Creative gaming PC builds are actually our jam, and the concept of a mini fridge rig is each amusing and fascinating. However, Microsoft may additionally need to take note of this unconventional challenge, as an official system like this might assist bridge the hole between the corporate’s console and PC ambitions. In different phrases, if an Xbox-branded PC had been to ever exist, it’d most likely look a bit like this.

If the Xbox fridge gaming PC nonetheless seems to be a bit an excessive amount of like a standard rig on your tastes, you may need to try this Doom BFG rig, because it packs Nvidia RTX efficiency into one thing that the Doomslayer would blow up mars with.

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