Forspoken – Official Magic Combat Gameplay Overview Trailer

In this newest Forspoken trailer, journey to the realm of Athia and get a deep dive into Frey’s magical fight talents, together with a take a look at varied spells, a breakdown of kinds of magic just like the purple earth-based mostly magic and its assault and help spells, hearth-based mostly pink magic, protection talents, and Frey’s sidekick’s talents.

Get able to tackle foes with these magical talents when Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023.

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  1. idk why but this game seems to take it really safe,will probably be a 7/10 with a mediocre storywith no major twist and turns,but it def. looks fun wont lie

  2. Art direction, design, and combat looks like it could be fun but from what we've seen already of the characters, writing, dialogue, and voice acting…I have a feeling the story is going to bomb hard.

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